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We are based in Malaysia and continue to support our clients here and in the rest of the world, since 1983

Come share our experiences and find out why our business is based on
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In addition to our public courses, we also tailor courses to your organizations specific needs. No obligations discussion of your needs.

Types of Courses


Project management and higher careers

Portfolio, Programme and Project - know the difference and how this can help advance your careers from higher level certifications.  Read more...


BA Business Analysis  and EA

BA is the link between the business and IT. Learn the secrets of how to obtain, analyse and confirm real user requirements.  Read more ...

  • BASA Business Analysis and Systems Analysis

    There has always been a noticeable gap between the requirements of the business and the perceived ability of IT to deliver on time and on  budget, to the satisfaction of both parties. This course meets the needs of the business users who needs to specify their requirements to IT, as well as the IT personnel who have  to understand what it is the user really want.

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Soft Skills for Technical people

Everybody can benefit from improved communication abilities. Technical people especially will see a marked improvement.  Coming Soon .

IN the meantime, you can view a video on what type of softskills you need at the following youtube link :

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmNjvQ0zSws89PWZNp5rK eQ



Selling and strategies and skills

All of us are engaged in some form of selling. Products, services on behalf of our employers, and ourselves to employers.  coming soon


Short Intensives Courses

When time is short and you need to gain the maximum width of knowledge in the shortest time possible.   Coming soon


Previews and free presentations

Sort, informal presentations and networking sessions for you to find out more, ask questions and network with others.  Coming soon...